Thursday, July 30, 2009

wonderful package

postal theme on a packaging designed by uk based brandhouse via lovelypackage.

Monday, July 27, 2009

oh how i wish i have a library that looks like this

Kid's Repulic in Beijing by Sako

look what oh joy! has found this morning. i've always wanted a library in my own home one day. my initial idea was the library like the one below. classic, white, clean and gloriously featuring only the colorful spines of books. ohhh how wonderful it would be!

then i visited oh joy! blog this morning, and saw that photo of a kid's bookstore in beijing by that japanese architect. oh well, no i think screw clean, screw streamlined features! i want THAT! the organic feeling! the colors! i want to be there. (i was in beijing last winter, and apparently i wasn't in this neck of the wood). how imaginative and fun would that be for a library!

read more books.


modern bridal faire

my table layout. the ceramics were all from my friends at montes doggett.
while i also had the portfolio binder, this table was meant that the attendees could pick up and felt the invitations, just like how invitations were supposed to be enjoyed.

honestly, i didn't know what to expect for the faire. it did somewhat meet my expectation to meet other vendors, event planners, as well the brides themselves. the faire was slower than i anticipated, so that part was disappointing. i guess the faire was supposed to be for select few since this was taunted as high-end bridal faire by modern bridal.

what really great was the many positive feedbacks and they're absolutely appreciated and encouraging. being holed up in my little studio, i think it's nice to see the faces of people who seems really excited seeing the work.

so, on to the next thing...


Friday, July 24, 2009

this makes me smile

image via felt and wire

i have a certain affinity with post offices in general. due to their long history, some of them are housed in a unique historical building. for me, the post office is like the airport, unless you're waiting for something for you, it's pretty much mundane. but when you know you're getting something in the mail, that sense of knowing that something wonderful is coming is just marvelous. now, imagine receiving this in the mail... surely will make your day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

summer oh summer

image of banana juice (!) packaging via lovelypackage

The lovely banana juice (interesting!) packaging is screaming sunny summer to me. On top of that, what a great fun and whimsical thing to see in your fridge! ^^

Feeling summer, right now there's a summer shopping event in my etsy store. Free shipping for orders above $50 on all non-wedding invitation items is in fact in full gear. This offer ends August 31st, end of summer. With this merry weather (it's pretty cool and sunny where I am), this is a good time using our note cards to send out invitations for summer get together.

Enjoy your summer and happy shopping!


saw this and i get excited

marimeko's fall preview... it's just too awesome to pass over.

image via casasugar.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Calligraphy-Swash. Product number AI0907-swash or AI0909 - swash. Pricing based on needs. For info email me.

Calligraphy-Standard. Product number AI0907-strd or AI0909 - strd. Pricing based on needs. For info email me.

remember when in first grade you have to learn to write cursive on a lined paper? i wonder if penmanship is dying due to technology? i love hand writting. the act of the pen on paper is just very soothing for me. (i think i find things that involve working with my hand soothing). during my stint in art school i took calligraphy class as one of selective classes, and i think this was the only class where i was so relaxed!

above are the sample of calligraphy that i will offer during the upcoming bridal show. if this goes well, i might create more calligraphy things.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

paper and thread

lucky announcement set. to see more pictures and/or to purchase, click here.

butterfly wedding announcement set. to see more picture and/or to purchase, click here.

it's been a while since i last post on this blog. i've been busy with my prep for the modern bridal faire in ritz carlton, san francisco. tons of things to design, print and look at to make sure that the items i have is absolutely the best ones i have. i'll post some of the pics after the faire.

on that note, i've put up 2 new wedding announcement set, butterfly and lucky. these sets are inspired by chinese folk design, and really what i've done is applying 1 idea and executing it in 2 different ways. that's part of my process when i'm getting ideas. i usually explore as much possibilities as i can before deciding on which direction i'd like to go. if i woke up the next day and still love it, then i'm sure i'll love it forever. this is may be why i feel my design progression is rather slow, since i'm very picky myself. the designs that i sell are all the things that i love and happy with. this way, i won't be sick of producing these designs since these are printed, cut, and sewn in my studio by me!

this project begins with a decision to create a chinese announcement with a modern twist. i struggled to start, so this idea was flying around in my head, and on my computer, for a while now. almost abandoned a few times, this project kept getting back to me, asking me to finish it. in the end i'm glad i stuck with it. the execution using sewing on paper is deliberate as a symbol of togetherness. while the execution of the butterfly set was derailed (due to my ignorance of paper weight vs needle and my sewing machine power).

lucky was supposed to be a booklet style where you hold the announcement like a book. but due to paper choice, i can't give up the paper that i like, i have to use different method. i'm using this method for my future project! ^^

the end result of butterfly set happened by accident though. but i love it at the end because i think it told a different story. lucky set, on the other hand, was pretty easy to execute since the end result was exactly how i imagine it to be. all in all, i'm glad this project came to fruition. and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do! you can find these at my etsy store.