Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Calligraphy-Swash. Product number AI0907-swash or AI0909 - swash. Pricing based on needs. For info email me.

Calligraphy-Standard. Product number AI0907-strd or AI0909 - strd. Pricing based on needs. For info email me.

remember when in first grade you have to learn to write cursive on a lined paper? i wonder if penmanship is dying due to technology? i love hand writting. the act of the pen on paper is just very soothing for me. (i think i find things that involve working with my hand soothing). during my stint in art school i took calligraphy class as one of selective classes, and i think this was the only class where i was so relaxed!

above are the sample of calligraphy that i will offer during the upcoming bridal show. if this goes well, i might create more calligraphy things.


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