Monday, November 23, 2009

and we're thankful.

the holiday season is here. eventhough it feels like it's been here since september, but now this is the time. to start things up, it's time for home made yumminess. if you're not the kind who makes things at home, some delivery can be as good.

here's a little lists of things i'm thankful for:
1. the young studio store and shop  (and all the people who has helped to make this happen)
2. chilly beautiful weather
3. the smell of pumpkin
4. holiday teas
5. and most of all, i'm thankful for my family.

this will be the only post this week.
hopefully i'll be able post new items (that should come in soon) next week.

stay warm!

Friday, November 20, 2009

hem... doughnut...

thanksgiving is literally around the corner. and pumpkin has been in my head since the beginning of autumn. this doughnut recipe is a great alternatives for dessert after a day of heavy meal. but then again, there's nothing wrong with a great  traditional pie.

image is from here.

-have a happy weekend!

date and time

It's been a while since I talked about the development of the studio and the shop. I just feel like I've been playing catch up all this time, and it doesn't help with the sudden surge of the projects that come my way as well as the ones that I'd like to do. Sometimes I feel like I'm perfectly still. It's important to look back once in a while to see the accomplishments that one have achieved and not take them for granted, no matter how small it is! While it's easier to appreciate when the products are selling like hot cakes, however, there are things as important, like more people favored your store at Etsy, or more fans at the facebook page, or how much compliments you receive on the products, and interests in your products and store in general. All of these non-monetary things can lead to better branding, and more interest in what you do, which eventually will lead to hot cakes moment, that's hopefully everlasting.

The holidays is coming soon. For some, it's as exhausting as any process can be. But this time can also be used to reflect how much accomplishments have been made, and just be amazed with yourself.

Once again, with style and courage, lets brace the holidays and move forward to the next year.


Friday, November 13, 2009

happy weekend!

it's been a long and odd week for me. so i was craving for something creamy and chocolaty to settle my mind. So i found this french dessert recipe and beautiful photograph to follow, which brought me smiles, not only because it's sounds so yummy, but beautiful enjoyable photos from the site.

enjoy and have a happy weekend!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

another coziness

on the other hand, if tea is not your thing... a burger is definitely comforting in a cold weather (or any kind of weather really).

image is from here via here.


tea cup and saucer with great loose tea... hemm... just the coziness i need for this cold weather.

Friday, November 6, 2009

happy weekend

have a great weekend! i'm craving cute things, and look what i found while browsing on flicker. ^^ and makes me craving cream puffs. a small dessert after a long week sounds good for me. here's the recipe from martha. enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

holiday pouch for you

during the month of november and december, all purchases, both from my shop or etsy, comes with these zen like pouches. made using unbleached muslin, custom button and recycled t-shirt yarn, these pouches are sewn lovingly by me. i've been wanting to do something with fabric for a long time. so i started learning on how to use my sewing machine back in the summer. while i've made a slew of odd things from my sewing quest, i'm happy to say that pouches has been sort of my specialty. i love pouches for they are very useful for my everyday life organizing obsession, from packing my undies for a short trip to organize my purse. these are also useful for packing those cables, chargers, and other electronic accessories.

offer ends in december 31 2009 or until supply lasts.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

november is my month

anthropologie has done some really right with their branding. but lately i'm loving their catalog so much that i wish i'm the girl living in it. these two are the images from their november catalog. for some reason they remind me [the image] of russia. i've never been there, but that's how i think winter in russia should be, snowing inside your mansion while wearing fabulous clothes and carefree hair!

i really don't need to love anthropologie more than i have. however, i was pleasantly surprise to receive these cards from them for my birthday. i love these! the cupcake image was punched through a thick cardboard card. i'm keeping these!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Something old something new

my shop is finally open. as of now, the shop will carry items sold in sets while the etsy store will carry individual items. eventually, i will differentiate the items that are sold at etsy and here. what you ay notice is that the pricing is also different between this 2 shops, due to fees. it's simply i'm passing down what i save to you guys! ^^
now if you have questions, you can visit the FAQ page part of the shop or contact me.

all the products are now packaged in bio-degradable plastics with labels. i love these labels since they are so colorful. the studio's brand identity has been shaping up to be something that i'm really proud of, and might not need to tinker anymore. it's a great feeling seeing the studio and the shop seems to start to come together.