Friday, June 26, 2009

because it's a good thing to do.

3. 100% recycled 80% post consumer toilet paper from seventh generation. 4. method multipurpose cleaning product.
5. digitally printed thank you card by 175 design studio.

at the studio's conception, i always imagine that this is where the customer can find designer items that are produced with the consideration of the environment and surroundings. i didn't know what type of products will come out of this studio, but i know how i want to produce them. this is probably influenced by the green movement that's well and alive now. however, like any other movements, green movement has its own limitations. also, now with big companies now throwing "green" on their products, it's easy to be confused and distrusting with the word "green", "organic", and "sustainable". on top of that, there are so many organizations to certify green and sustainable things, it's hard to differentiate which organizations that are valid.

while these are my concerns, still there are reasons to support the movement. my best reasoning is: it's a good thing to do. in order for this movement to be successful, i believe in 2 things: consumer spending power, it can force big companies to be more conscious. secondly, it's also the supplier job to provide an easier access for these consumers to be able to get to the products. with more consumer opt to buy these type of products, the more option out there will be.

these believes drive my decisions how the products that come out of the studio will be. many of the products that the studio produces are if not using recycled paper, it's done with the most sustainable option out there with the resources i have. constantly i'm looking out for better way to produce, but the basic principle is still the same: as considerate as possible to the environment, as socially conscious as possible to the human labor while still having the highest quality possible. it's not easy, but i do encourage all the entrepreneurs / artists / designers out there to do so.

at the end, each and everyone of us has the power to decide how the market place will look like in the future.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

rethinking packaging

kanpyo udon packaging, image taken from spoon-tamago blog.

jaime oliver products packaging, image taken from pearlfisher, the design company who designed the packaging.

i was contemplating on what should i do with my products' packaging. there are so many options to do, but yet, i haven't found a solution that satisfy me yet. so, naturally, i peeked around to see what's out there, and i came across these two packaging that made me green with envy i didn't design them.

kanpyo udon's packaging is playful enough without every cutesy. and jaime oliver's packaging is just fun yet still feels organic and raw.

love love love them!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

i decided to be stubborn... or tenacious.

what i find since my business started is that challenges is always at ready. part of it is the self doubt that's creeping in when least expected. to combat this, i started to listen at different TED talks, or read up on people I admired. from this research, i've found the thread that have made them in that special category (and they're pretty obvious) is that they all have worked really hard and had a great tenacity in what they're doing.

however, when designing, a lot of times i find myself on the verge of giving up (ideas) because it hasn't turned out how i want it to. usually this happens when i realize that i spend so much more time on the design than i ought to. then my questions become, when should i give up? or should i at all? if i give up, then does that mean i'm lacking in tenaciousness? is there a time limit in creating? because it's not business smart to sit on a project for a long time, right?

yesterday, i decided to embrace my designer self, to be stubborn... or tenacious. i've stuck to an idea that i was ready to scrap in the morning, and the result, i'm glad i did. i think i should trust my designer self more often. i'm not 100% happy with the result yet, but it's getting there.

but i know, there will be time when i need to scrap ideas totally because it's simply not the right time for me. usually i write down (or sketch it) any ideas that i have so it's "out" then a new one can form. and then, when the time is right, then like a good wine, i can start working on it and it'll happen ... or not. i'm still learning to balance my business sense and my designer needs. a long the way, we'll see if i have enough tenaciousness.