Thursday, June 4, 2009

i decided to be stubborn... or tenacious.

what i find since my business started is that challenges is always at ready. part of it is the self doubt that's creeping in when least expected. to combat this, i started to listen at different TED talks, or read up on people I admired. from this research, i've found the thread that have made them in that special category (and they're pretty obvious) is that they all have worked really hard and had a great tenacity in what they're doing.

however, when designing, a lot of times i find myself on the verge of giving up (ideas) because it hasn't turned out how i want it to. usually this happens when i realize that i spend so much more time on the design than i ought to. then my questions become, when should i give up? or should i at all? if i give up, then does that mean i'm lacking in tenaciousness? is there a time limit in creating? because it's not business smart to sit on a project for a long time, right?

yesterday, i decided to embrace my designer self, to be stubborn... or tenacious. i've stuck to an idea that i was ready to scrap in the morning, and the result, i'm glad i did. i think i should trust my designer self more often. i'm not 100% happy with the result yet, but it's getting there.

but i know, there will be time when i need to scrap ideas totally because it's simply not the right time for me. usually i write down (or sketch it) any ideas that i have so it's "out" then a new one can form. and then, when the time is right, then like a good wine, i can start working on it and it'll happen ... or not. i'm still learning to balance my business sense and my designer needs. a long the way, we'll see if i have enough tenaciousness.


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