Thursday, April 30, 2009

things i found this morning

i have time this morning to browse through different sites that i usually go to. sometime, it can get a little isolated working on the business side of the studio. so i'd like to peek around with what's going on outside my lil studio. usually, the things that attracted me are the ones that come from designers that i admired. however, i've been looking into things that are sustainable as well. 

pangea's products are actually really great. their packaging are all plantable and biodegradable. not to mention they are well designed! i love things that are all around good like that, from the outer package to the actual product. lotta and publique living are the sites that i usually go to when i just want a bit of pick me up. publique living's mat is one of those things that everytime i see it, it just makes me smile. lotta's pattern does the same to me. dwell is the place to satisfy my need of looking at things for home. atsuyo et akiko is the site i stumble into when i was looking at spoon and tamago blog. 

that's enough design exposure for me this morning. i'm trying to produce more products for my etsy store. so be sure to look for it! ^^


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Damask Wedding invitation set

I usually work on my design in a chunk of time, for a whole month, instead of spread it around (hours each day), because I'm still trying to get a hang of my schedules etc. Between talking to vendors, making marketing decisions, and thinking about production, it's hard to switch between the business brain and creative brain. In order to get me in the mood to (or more being inspired to) design, I usually look at different things, from other design sites to domino magazine (oh ... so sad when they stopped their publication).

So I have been so inspired by wallpapers when I did the series. However, I do want it to be modern, thus the colors, the type mixed in with a more traditional layout giving it just the right twist. The notecards is just the texture and blank inside. The series can be expanded more than these items.

The invitation and rsvps need to be personalized. As usual, these items can be purchased as a set or individually. Contact me for questions:


GARDEN Wedding Invitation Series

This geometric organic design is consists of front and back invitation, rsvp and thank you card. The flat note card can be used for escort card or for a social card. This set is perfect for a modern bride with just the right amount of tradition. The set is flexible enough to be expanded should you need more items (such as itinerary, programs, etc).

Invitation and rsvp need to be personalized. All items can be purchased both as a set or individually. For more information, contact me at


SPRING Wedding invitation series

Inspired by indian henna art as well as the sunny california, these items were hand drawn before being processed digitally. Originally, the illustrations were designed for the studio's creed (do good, be creative, grow), however, I was happy with the end result that I ended up using it here. This series can be expanded to more items (such as itinerary, programs, and menu).

This invitation set is perfect for garden party and other outdoor wedding parties. Invitation and rsvp need to be personalized. This series is sold as a set and certain items can be purchased individually. 

For purchase or other info, contact me at


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Etsy shop is now open!

Hello all!
Now my etsy store is officially open! Yay! This is a very exciting time for me. I will post sneak peak of the products that are not yet available to the public! 


Saturday, April 25, 2009

my studio

Philippe Stark once said in TED Design conference, "Nobody is obliged to be genius, but everyone is obliged to participate." (*this may not be the exact quote, but he said something to this effect*)

With that quote, I started my studio. The photo above is the corner where everything happens for the studio. I have plenty of hopes and dreams on this corner, not only for my studio, but also for my craft. While everyone is doing their best to participate in their world, I'm hoping from this humble beginning to be able to participate fully in the world of design.


Thursday, April 23, 2009


first thank you for taking your time to read up on this blog.  i'd like to use this blog as a tool for me to tell you all about 175designstudio, not only the products that we're launching, or what event we're attending, or what inspire us, but also the insights of the journey of starting a design studio and then, hopefully, the journey of growing the studio. 

what my hope to get out of this is not only as a tool for me to share my experiences with you but also some how this blog can be helpful for you. i'll do my best to blog every week, or more, depending on what's going on. 

so, don't hesitate to tell your friends, and hopefully you'll follow me through this blog.

thank you!