Thursday, April 30, 2009

things i found this morning

i have time this morning to browse through different sites that i usually go to. sometime, it can get a little isolated working on the business side of the studio. so i'd like to peek around with what's going on outside my lil studio. usually, the things that attracted me are the ones that come from designers that i admired. however, i've been looking into things that are sustainable as well. 

pangea's products are actually really great. their packaging are all plantable and biodegradable. not to mention they are well designed! i love things that are all around good like that, from the outer package to the actual product. lotta and publique living are the sites that i usually go to when i just want a bit of pick me up. publique living's mat is one of those things that everytime i see it, it just makes me smile. lotta's pattern does the same to me. dwell is the place to satisfy my need of looking at things for home. atsuyo et akiko is the site i stumble into when i was looking at spoon and tamago blog. 

that's enough design exposure for me this morning. i'm trying to produce more products for my etsy store. so be sure to look for it! ^^


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