Friday, September 25, 2009

taking a break

hello all! i've been a bit overwhelmed with the seemingly endless of to do lists, from coming out with the new line for fall to finish my site, i have neglected this blog. so i decided to take a break in the next 4 weeks from blogging to reorganize myself, and set up a better time line for my blog. i want to rethink what type of articles I want to write for the blog so it ties in with the brand i'm trying to build.

in the mean time, enjoy the double chocolate pear cake to mark the autumn.


Friday, September 18, 2009

feeding chocolate addiction

i've decided to end the week with a bang! this chocolate beaut photo from Charleston Wedding magazine. The article is about diy dessert bar for wedding, but this can be done for any parties you may have this coming holiday season. or if you're not a diy person, just looking at luscious chocolate surely can brighten up your day!

With this chocolates in my head, last year for christmas, i gave away some cookies and brownies for my friends. they love it, so for comparison with the brownie recipe in the article above, here's another brownie recipe from the barefoot contessa.what i did different from the recipe was cutting the sugar to about 1,5 cups. i like my chocolate on the bitter and dark side. so if you like your brownie to be on the sweeter side, then you can keep true to the recipe. the brownie comes out more like a fudge then a cake.

and with the spirit of chocolate, i'm loving the prada fall 2009 ready to wear coats.

have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

thinking about products

product maker can be found here. and here is where i get the info.

it's been a while since i'm blogging about the progress i've made with the studio. the reason for that is seemingly there's been very little of it. there are a couple of products i've added to my collection i've launched, while at the back end if things, i've experimented with different products possibilities, thought myself to sew, thinking about style, brand and packaging, setting up site, and the list goes on. within this list, my products have been in my mind a lot. the questions are about its goodness, its function and its contribution.

paper printing world has been what i believe a shrinking world, and now print designer become survival of the fittest. i guess in design world (or any world for that matter) has always been so. this the reason for my desire to create well thought out products for my next big launch. in the world of things and items, i'd like to contribute a better products. this means slower products launch, and may be a slow studio growth a the beginning. the product above is a perfect example of a well thought out product, not to mention it's eco friendly (bamboo based material that's reusable in a country where wooden chopsticks are constantly thrown out). i'd love to be able to create something that has that many layers like this example.

so in the meantime, i'll keep push through the mental and other hurdles.

Friday, September 11, 2009

kid's corner

image via here.

to end this short week, i'm looking at kid's eco friendly items and here are some of my favorites:

happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

labor day weekend sale

for some reason, in our household, a lot of things usually happen in the autumn-winter months. many of our close relatives birthdays, endless dinner invitations, as well as the holidays that's looming. so we thought it's time to stock up that note cards to say thank you or to say happy birthday. that's why we're having a 10% off sale of everything before shipping in our etsy store starting thursday to monday (labor day weekend). this includes any wedding invitation orders placed this weekend! we won't have any more sale of this type other than this weekend.

happy shopping!