Friday, September 18, 2009

feeding chocolate addiction

i've decided to end the week with a bang! this chocolate beaut photo from Charleston Wedding magazine. The article is about diy dessert bar for wedding, but this can be done for any parties you may have this coming holiday season. or if you're not a diy person, just looking at luscious chocolate surely can brighten up your day!

With this chocolates in my head, last year for christmas, i gave away some cookies and brownies for my friends. they love it, so for comparison with the brownie recipe in the article above, here's another brownie recipe from the barefoot contessa.what i did different from the recipe was cutting the sugar to about 1,5 cups. i like my chocolate on the bitter and dark side. so if you like your brownie to be on the sweeter side, then you can keep true to the recipe. the brownie comes out more like a fudge then a cake.

and with the spirit of chocolate, i'm loving the prada fall 2009 ready to wear coats.

have a great weekend!

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