Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Damask Wedding invitation set

I usually work on my design in a chunk of time, for a whole month, instead of spread it around (hours each day), because I'm still trying to get a hang of my schedules etc. Between talking to vendors, making marketing decisions, and thinking about production, it's hard to switch between the business brain and creative brain. In order to get me in the mood to (or more being inspired to) design, I usually look at different things, from other design sites to domino magazine (oh ... so sad when they stopped their publication).

So I have been so inspired by wallpapers when I did the series. However, I do want it to be modern, thus the colors, the type mixed in with a more traditional layout giving it just the right twist. The notecards is just the texture and blank inside. The series can be expanded more than these items.

The invitation and rsvps need to be personalized. As usual, these items can be purchased as a set or individually. Contact me for questions:


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rae dunn. said...


your work is lovely ! so clean and fresh. i'm glad you are doing something creative. i look forward to following your journey !

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