Friday, November 20, 2009

date and time

It's been a while since I talked about the development of the studio and the shop. I just feel like I've been playing catch up all this time, and it doesn't help with the sudden surge of the projects that come my way as well as the ones that I'd like to do. Sometimes I feel like I'm perfectly still. It's important to look back once in a while to see the accomplishments that one have achieved and not take them for granted, no matter how small it is! While it's easier to appreciate when the products are selling like hot cakes, however, there are things as important, like more people favored your store at Etsy, or more fans at the facebook page, or how much compliments you receive on the products, and interests in your products and store in general. All of these non-monetary things can lead to better branding, and more interest in what you do, which eventually will lead to hot cakes moment, that's hopefully everlasting.

The holidays is coming soon. For some, it's as exhausting as any process can be. But this time can also be used to reflect how much accomplishments have been made, and just be amazed with yourself.

Once again, with style and courage, lets brace the holidays and move forward to the next year.


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