Thursday, November 5, 2009

holiday pouch for you

during the month of november and december, all purchases, both from my shop or etsy, comes with these zen like pouches. made using unbleached muslin, custom button and recycled t-shirt yarn, these pouches are sewn lovingly by me. i've been wanting to do something with fabric for a long time. so i started learning on how to use my sewing machine back in the summer. while i've made a slew of odd things from my sewing quest, i'm happy to say that pouches has been sort of my specialty. i love pouches for they are very useful for my everyday life organizing obsession, from packing my undies for a short trip to organize my purse. these are also useful for packing those cables, chargers, and other electronic accessories.

offer ends in december 31 2009 or until supply lasts.

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