Monday, July 27, 2009

modern bridal faire

my table layout. the ceramics were all from my friends at montes doggett.
while i also had the portfolio binder, this table was meant that the attendees could pick up and felt the invitations, just like how invitations were supposed to be enjoyed.

honestly, i didn't know what to expect for the faire. it did somewhat meet my expectation to meet other vendors, event planners, as well the brides themselves. the faire was slower than i anticipated, so that part was disappointing. i guess the faire was supposed to be for select few since this was taunted as high-end bridal faire by modern bridal.

what really great was the many positive feedbacks and they're absolutely appreciated and encouraging. being holed up in my little studio, i think it's nice to see the faces of people who seems really excited seeing the work.

so, on to the next thing...


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