Thursday, May 7, 2009

touch of [white]

the reason i love print is because i'm able to touch it. while gadgets interest me, i think i'll have a hard time replacing books with a reader. i will miss things like the way paper make a sound when flipped, or the look of ink on paper, or the weight of a book. and these senses for me is heightened when things are done by white on white.

it's been quite sometime that i'm obsessed with white on white. always love it. this combination intrigues me. the 'void' of color (white is a color, but for print, white is not color since it's usually meant the paper's color unless it's a reverse color or print on a color paper using white ink... but i digress) can be replaced with texture. it's interactive, because the void of color creating a prominent texture.  

wall pop by Genevieve Bennett

image taken via The Urban Lifestyle blog

there might be not too many things that are done this way, and i had a hard time finding it today. however, these 2 examples above express what i love about this combination. the way it plays with light (for wall pop) and the use of different 'white' creating a very warm feeling (the room). i'd love to have rooms like that at home, but being accident prone, i don't think it's a good idea. ^^


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