Friday, February 19, 2010

sometime a break is definately needed.

i'm in the middle of product development right now. at times i wish i have a little creative spirit next to me and not only feed me with inspiration after inspiration, but also helping me with execution part of it. what to do when you have all the inspirations in the world, but it haven't been executed or produced as well as you want?

that's the case last weekend. i have been working -almost- non stop since october of last year with very little rest. last week was my breaking point, i experienced the worst block of my designing experience and now still trying to work through it this week. usually when i get blocked, i plowed through it. this time, it was so bad, i rather work on spread sheets than designing! then, i decided to go to bazaar bizzare at the new people building in san francisco, to help my creative juices running. the event was really good, and the new people building didn't dissapoint. i just had to get 2 most adorable things there, a cuddly fat frog from wool buddy and mini figurine from mrdeadfish (picture above) to add to the nick nack i have on my working table.  i specially enjoy the art in between the floor when you take the stairs, as well as mikito ozeki, a japanese paper cut out artist with installation at the superfrog gallery.

well, this should get me going and craving to design, as looking at different artists usually make me do. but this time it didn't. then i found my source of my block. it's the endless lists that i made in my head. even after i wrote them down, they lingered and added on. so knowing that, i'm taking a break for a few days and be back to the grind on monday. 'there's no glory in working oneself to death, sometime a little break and pampering for oneself is needed.' i repeat this sentence over and over so i don't feel guilty of not getting everything on my todo list done. and another saying that i love 'when feeling overwhelmed, diligently do what's in front of you. after a while, things will be done before you realize it. of course, take a meal break once an a while and enjoy it.'

so have a good weekend all! hope you get your rest!

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