Friday, January 29, 2010

let there be... muffin?

today marks the exact day when i went to get the business license, and made the studio all official. so i've decided that today is the studio's anniversary. for me, anniversaries and birthdays are important. it gives me a reason to stop for a minute, look back, and pat myself on the back. with a young company, always in a time crunch and trying to catch up, this is a true luxury. 

also, i'd liket to say thank you for all of your support. this year, i've received a 900+ fans on my facebook page, opened up shop, and started this blog. of course, in between, i've designed and produced series of items. so i think today i will sit down, and have a cocoa hazelnut banana muffins to enjoy the hour. then back to the grind. there are many things that didn't go through last year, and many things planned for this year. as always, i'm looking ahead with a bit less of a naivete and a bit more optimism.

happy friday!

image: courtesy of here.


Yanny said...

Oh my ... the studio is your new baby!!!! Congratulations, Sharon!!! All the very best in the journey!!!

Kiki said...

Whoa... happy anniversary dear! Max said he wants the muffin auntie, please .... :)

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