Friday, January 15, 2010

cuteness overload

i just got back from my supposedly vacation turned to a whirlwind trip to asia for a week. while the jet lag is still here, i can't wait to share with y'all cuteness overload i found on my trip. so enjoy, and have a good long weekend.

announcement: etsy store will close indefinitely. right now i'm concentrating on separating the shops to 2 distinct shops. my direct shop is currently open, and this is where you find more stationery items. my goal is to turn etsy store to be a more of my experimental handmade limited edition items kind of store. more announcement will be made when the store re-opened. you can still convo with me via etsy.

images: top: heart donut from dunkin donut. snapped at incheon airport. middle: from prints singapore. bottom: from artbox, korean based stationery company. link is for their uk online store. 

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