Tuesday, August 4, 2009

what's in your closet?

i'm working on getting my branding straighten up today. all of these due to the feedback i received for my etsy store's banner. then i re-evaluated my brand. it is very difficult for me to design for myself due to several reasons, but mostly because i change my mind all the time. (this is also the reason why it takes me a long time to design for my own products.) then i realized, i've learnt all of this in school! the first step to branding is how you present it. the first second of someone look at your brand, they (viewer, customer) judge you. just like when you meet someone. no matter how nice you are, everybody snap judges. whether you stick with it or not that's a different story. whether your company can give people deeper impression or not that's when packaging, customer service and all the other stuffs coming in. the combination of these what create a company's brand.

so i forced myself to look at my branding mirror, and now my facebook pages main picture, then go to to my twitter page and then my store have some continuity. this is a start, then there will be more continuity on my packaging, and on and on. now i'm getting hyped up!

oh yeah, the image above was taken from anthropologie. such cute dress and shoes. so when you see someone dresses like this, what's your snap judgement?


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