Friday, August 14, 2009

linen paper and thread

this book can be purchased here.

first 3 (in what hopefully to be many) successful pouches that i did on thursday.

sewing has always intrigued me, but i have no skills on it. when i was young, i broke so many sewing machine that i thought i was jinxed. however, i love the process of sewing, from the idea, pattern, and to sewing. so a few months ago, on weekends, i would learn how to use my computerized sewing machine. so, i was very happy when i successfully sewn these 3 type of pouches! how do i define success? well it's very simple, i've sewn it straight! (ha!) in my studio, there were many many fabric wasted because i couldn't sew straight. and when i finally was able, i was joyous. i wonder if this is how toddler feel when they were able to walk 2 or 3 steps?

hopefully eventually i will be able to create something more elaborate with my sewing machine. in the meantime, my house will be filled with these pouches as i'm trying to better myself with the skill.

so here are some of the books that helps me motivated (and inspired) to dwell in the world of sewing and crafting:
lotta jansdotter's simple sewing
printing by hand (sewing AND printing!)
bend the rules sewing.
last minute patchwork and quilted gifts

have a great weekend!

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